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Best Student Accommodation Lancaster

Lancaster University is located on a beautiful campus in the North West of England. The University places great emphasis on a strong student experience and employability and some of the best student accommodation Lancaster. It gives students access to academics who are experts in their field. Lancaster University is ranked in the Top 10 in all three major UK university league tables. Also ranked in the Top 1% of universities globally.

Lancaster is a city and the county town of Lancashire, England.  Offering exceptional educational opportunities, along with excellent attractions and active lifestyle options. Lancaster University and University of Cumbria Lancaster Campus are two facilities that provide Further Education services in the Lancaster, and offer quality student accommodation in Lancaster.

Lancaster University is a three miles from the Lancaster City Centre. On the Lancaster plains, and offers a rural setting and relaxed, countryside lifestyle. Around 12, 000 students take benefit of the relaxed lifestyle and comprehensive course offerings. Students from many nations have studied successfully at Lancaster.

The University of Cumbria’s Lancaster campus is situated in beautiful parkland just a short walk from Lancaster city centre. It offers top notch research facilities, a vibrant campus lifestyle, and many of its students are from International locations. In 2013 The City of Lancaster had been ranked as one of the top 10 ‘most vibrant’ urban centres in the UK.

Along with excellent educational facilities, Lancaster offers an excellent amount of activities and accommodation nearby. From mix of shops and boutiques, a variety of restaurants and cafes. Lively pubs and clubs, a castle dating back to Roman times, museums, theatres and cinemas. Lancaster is one of England’s most affordable cities wherein to live. It’s a fantastic place for students to have a suitable lifestyle while continuing your education. Along with a buzzing art scene, Lancaster offers international flair with regards to shops and dining, and maintains a European air for the city. Shopping, travel, and entertainment are all readily accessible in this green, Garden City.

Lancaster University offers great facilities for international students. Providing a very wide ranging program of courses, offered at both Lancaster and University of Cumbria Universities.  Both universities offer a wide range of Student accommodation.  Lancaster University offer it’s undergraduates students a range of on campus accommodation in University Halls and student rooms.  Campus accommodation is attached to one of the eight campus Colleges and prices range from £85.40 to £177.66 (prices correct in 2017), depending on the type of accommodation.  Lancaster University also offer university managed halls off campus close to the city centre. The University also operate a approved property accommodation scheme through Lancaster University Homes for private off campus student accommodation.

Lancaster University accommodation has triumphed in the ‘Best University Halls’ award in the National Student Housing Survey of 120 UK institutions for last six years running. Including the ‘Best Customer Service’ and ‘Best Moving In Experience’ awards in 2015. View our site for Student Accommodation Lancaster.

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The Ultimate Guide To Lancaster University Student accommodation

With the increasing number of teenagers enrolling in colleges. Most universities through the country have decided to offer university accommodation. University homes are available either on campus or close to it. There are various advantages of living in student housing, especially the 1st year. There are also many social and academic advantages of those living situations. It is claimed students that live right on university housing. Have higher graduations rates than their fellow classmates who are off campus or at home. Numerous factors might be the main cause of this trend. One of the primary factors is that there’s no alcohol allowed on campus in some student housing.

With no alcohol permitted, partying isn’t as convenient as it might be living with buddies in private student homes. Students that live in the on university grounds have a tendency to have more involvement with activities. Like clubs and committees. Any time that you take part in any extracurricular activity you’re making your college experience more enjoyable. Also build your resume. With being right on university campus, the students are more willing to try new things. Students might not be as aware of the activities if not living close to or on campus accommodation. Also safety on may surpass any that you might get in an off campus student homes.

Why chose university accommodation LANCASTER?

Universities have security that patrol around the grounds on most units. If you’re living on campus student housing  in Lancaster you’ll not need to drive to class. With gas prices on the raise, it might be one of the top saving money options. Lancaster University student accommodation is also quite close to the library, book store, campus shops, health centers, gym and dining room. Thus allowing you to avoid traffic and using pointless gas once more.

If you’re not ready to make the jump of living on one’s own right as soon you High school graduate. Then Lancaster University student accommodation is a good way to transition slowly into the real world. While you’re mostly on one’s own, there isn’t as much liability that’s thrust upon your shoulder. Most student accommodation options come with a meal plan, cleaning services, and laundry services, making it simpler for you to transition into your new found freedom. What better way to get at learn about other people’s beliefs and traditions than to live in and environment wherein everybody one around you has freedom to express themselves.

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